Dec 13, 2017Aceptamos PIVX en Cancun

A welcoming place illuminated with candle lights, a cozy nest where you can relax with a warm cup of cocoa milk on your hands and feel free to spend your PIVX is now a reality.

A cute restaurant called La Tradicional Churreria, located in downtown Cancun has joined the purple fever and now offers its customers the option to pay with cryptocurrency.

Niels Franklin, the owner of the place, contacted OneZetty asking for more information about cryptocurrency and blockchain affairs. Niels was very interested in knowing more about the benefits of accepting PIVX in his business and also about how to use it in his day to day routine. Niels had heard about Bitcoin but he wasn’t sure about how it works. Among the questions he made to OneZetty were how to convert cryptocurrency to fiat, tax payment, legal affairs and privacy. All of those questions were answered with the help of Yukuyyuky, Maggie Moran and Pepemarg who concentrated their efforts in order to convince Niels to start using PIVX in the restaurant.

PIVX offers completely private, instant and verified transactions with an amazing low commission and an extended active worldwide community. Another virtue PIVX has is being the first proof of stake coin implemented the Zerocoin protocol allowing all the users the possibility of receiving perks by only keeping and increasing their virtual wallet money.

From now on, Cancun PIVX community will have the opportunity to go to La Tradicional Churreria, the best place in town to enjoy snacks, delicious pizza, pasta and salad with chocolate based beverages with the best of all the benefits: Paying with PIVX!