Hey Pivians,

Good news! PIVX Class has enlisted the help of a talented sound engineer. You may have seen @Bouilla around Discord, but now he’s doing some wonderful things with our audio. @Bouilla is the — of EMTEX Studio, you can check out their work here https://emtex-studio.com/. So we’re quite lucky to have him as another excited Pivian eager to help out. His first audio edit is on today’s video: What Is Zerocoin? Which is a super, SUPER simply explanation of Zerocoin aimed at the very very new to cryptocurrency. This should be a great one to share with your friends.

While @Bouilla did some awesome manipulation to make the episode sound great, there is even better to come. He has made recommendations on a new microphone and I picked one up for the show. It’ll arrive in a week or two, so that’ll also be quite awesome for the show as well

Small side-note, because I’m blind, I didn’t sync Bouilla’s audio quite right to my video. This was my mistake, not a reflection upon his work. We’re working on the process, to make sure I get it absolutely perfect for the next one!

That’s all for now guys, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next PIVX Class!


  • Fused Helios
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