I would like to make aware to those not on the up and up that PIVX is making huge headways towards getting ZEROCOIN Protocol implemented into their coin.

This is something I hope you take heed about because with the price being so low right now I do want to warn you when this baby hits the streets I highly doubt we will ever see investment opportunities like we see at the current low prices PIVX is sitting on.

What is Zerocoin Protocol?

The implementation of Zerocoin has been one of the most looked-forward-to innovations in the Bitcoin community since 2013. Through zero-knowledge proofs, one’s financial transactions are kept completely private and anonymous.

The Zerocoin Protocol harnesses the power of Zero-Knowledge proofs to ensure complete financial privacy. Zero-Knowledge proofs is a cryptographic method by which one party (the prover) can prove to another party (the verifier) that a given statement is true, without conveying any information apart from the fact that the statement is indeed true. In the context of Zerocoin, Zero-knowledge proofs allow for financial transactions to occur with the only public information being that money was indeed sent or received.

In a nutshell…PIVX will lead a truly Privately Secure minded network where users can be free of prying eyes and give full freedom of finances back into the hands of the individual.

The value to have a coin that you can actually own and use in any possible fashion you choose has been the height of what Crypto is about and so many have missed the boat on actually making the dream come true. My dev buddies at PIVX are sweating night and day working on the one and only goal to make this happen for the world, and I have been informed we are getting closer and closer to that reality as each day passes.

~ sflaherty (aka frenchfry)