News of the month!

Thanks to Jakiman for this!

4/20/2017 – PIVX was added to Chinese exchange COINBT.CC trading in PIVX/CNY.

4/21/2017 – PIVX v2.2.0 wallet was released. This wallet was a major release that enabled the budget system & masternode payment enforcement.

4/22/2017 – PIVX Slack surpassed 4000 members.

4/27/2017 – PIVX was added to changelly.com meaning PIVX could now be purchased directly using VISA or Mastercard.

4/28/2017 – PIVX was added to livecoin.net exchange & trading begun on 7 different pairings with 3 fiat markets.

5/05/2017 – PIVX was added to coinExchange.io exchange with PIVX/BTC & PIVX/ETH pairings.

5/05/2017 – PIVX v2.2.1 wallet was released. This wallet addresed security & stability issues reported with v2.2.0.

5/05/2017 – PIVX was mentioned on NASDAQ.com article as 1 of 4 privacy-centered cryptocurrencies.

5/08/2017 – PIVX developers has started the full-throttle on the next major feature project, Zerocoin transaction. It will be a custom implementation that will also be enabled by default for all transactions. A first.

5/09/2017 – PIVX was interviewed and featured on The Cryptoverse episode #265. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NV_1ip1Ti5o

5/12/2017 – PIVX was added to DC-Ex.com exchange as their 1 of 9 coins traded.

5/13/2017 – PIVX was added to Chinese exchange BTC100.cn as their 4th only coin alongside BTC, LTC, DOGE. After 1 days of trading, BTC100 became the 2nd biggest exchange by trade volume.

5/18/2017 – PIVX Slack surpassed 5000 members!

5/18/2017 – PIVX marketing team was invited jaxx.io cruise event & presented what PIVX is about to all on board. PIVX team has impressed those on board and jaxx.io then tweeted stating they hope to have news soon.

5/18/2017 – Final PIVX Block Halving occurred at block 648000. PIVX block reward dropped from 10 to 5 PIV per block. Coin supply inflation dropped to approx 4.8% pa.

5/18/2017 – First PIVX budget superblock of 2017 occurred on this day and five proposals were paid out. This means that PIVX now has “funded” teams, marketing & services to increase its output. Live proposal list

1- 6 core developer contributions  – https://forum.pivx.org/t/devs-monthly-compensation/828

2- Technical support team contributions – https://forum.pivx.org/t/pivx-support-team-proposal-paper/926

3- Marketing advertizing & content costs – https://forum.pivx.org/t/may-marketing-content-proposal/1024

4- Marketing and design company – www.rhubarbmedia.ca

5- Payment Service – www.livingroomofsatoshi.com

5/18/2017 – Community Designed Governance – Masternode Owner Approval proposal has also passed with unanimous YES votes. This was a non-payment proposal to determine if MNOs agreed on allowing a more inclusive governance system.

5/18/2017 – New Publications Released

The Merkle: https://themerkle.com/pivx-to-redistribute-voting-power-to-the-community/

Finance Magnates: http://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/bloggers/pivx-masternodes-give-voting-rights-enable-true-decentralization/

Criptomoedas: http://www.criptomoedasfacil.com/pivx-verdadeira-descentralizacao/

5/19/2017 – Brazilian Blog covered PIVX CDG proposal decision

5/20/2017 – PIVX Masternode Count rose back up close to ATH at 2123. ATH was 2130 on 04/10 & dropped to approx. 1900 on 04/26.

What is in the works now and/or going to happen in near future?
(this is not even half or maybe even a quarter of what’s happening as I can’t keep up with everything!)

  1. Marketing team has started dicussions with more Chinese exchanges.
  2. Full language translation of pivx.org is in the works. (Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc)
  3. Japanese community building has started. Anyone who can assist or interested in this will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Chinese community is building up nicely. Nearly 1000 members in QQ and a hongico PIVX forum. http://www.hongico.com/forum.php?mod=forumdisplay&fid=56
  5. Increased adoption is also being worked on constantly. Debit Cards, Gift cards (e.g. bitcart.io), Payment processors, Bill Payments etc.
  6. Zerocoin implementation isn’t a quick 1 week job. But it is progressing and our devs are making sure we get it sooner than later.