Mar 16, 2018Wallet Update: Convert zPIV v1 to PIV to Prepare for zPoS!

As we mentioned in the PIVX Core Wallet 3.1.0 release timeline, we strongly suggest converting any funds currently held as zPIV back to PIV until after zPIV v2 is activated.

As we mentioned in the PIVX Core Wallet 3.1.0 release timeline, we strongly suggest converting any funds currently held as zPIV back to PIV until after zPIV v2 is activated on a date to be determined:

Any zPIV minted with core wallet 3.0.6 and below will not be qualified for zPIV staking, and will not be able to be backed up with the deterministic seed. We recommend that you convert your existing zPIV to PIV before it is temporarily disabled on March 29th, and remint to zPIV using the new wallet (v3.1.0) once zPIV v2 is activated on a date to be determined to ensure you can receive all of the new benefits.

Between the dates of March 29th and April 7th, zPIV will not be accessible. This means you will not be able send, receive, or mint PIV to zPIV, or zPIV to PIV. Any zPIV currently in circulation will not qualify for zPoS or Deterministic Minting, they will not have the necessary requirements to qualify for the new features.

If you do not convert your zPIV back to PIV before March 29th and attempt to stake zPIV v1 when zPoS is activated, you will not earn any rewards as zPIV v1 are not stakeable.

Please note, any zPIV not converted before March 29th will NOT be lost.

These zPIV will simply not carry the information necessary to qualify for zPoS or Deterministic Functionalities. You will still be able to send and convert zPIV v1 after zPIV is reactivated on a date to be determined.

Step One: Turn off Auto Mint:

Before converting your zPIV to PIV, please disable the automint feature for the PIVX Core Wallet in order to avoid additional zPIV being autominted after the conversion.

Step 1: Open PIVX Core Wallet
Step 2: Allow Wallet to Completely Sync to Blockchain
Step 3: Click Tools in the Top Menu Bar
Step 4: Select “Open Wallet Configuration File”

Note for Mac OS users: There is a known issue when trying to access the configuration file. If you experience this issue, please follow the troubleshooting steps here. If you continue to experience issues, please join us in Discord and a support team member will be happy to help you out in the #support channel.

Step 5: Add a new line “enablezeromint=0” to the configuration file and save it
Step 6: Exit the Configuration File Window
Step 7: Restart PIVX Core Wallet

Your PIVX core wallet will no longer automint zPIV from PIV.

Step Two: Convert zPIV back to PIV:

Once the automint is disabled, the transferring of zPIV to PIV is a very simple process. You simply need to “Pay” yourself your existing zPIV!

Step 1: Open the PIVX Wallet
Step 2: Navigate to the Privacy Tab
Step 3: Select File From the Top Menu Bar
Step 4: Click “Receiving Address”
Step 5: Select an Existing Address, or Create a New Address That Will Receive the Converted PIV
Step 6: Paste the receiving address into the “Pay to” Field (Privacy Area)
Step 7: Enter the amount you wish to convert from zPIV to PIV
Step 8: Click: Spend Zerocoin

If you receive the error message ‘Too much inputs () needed.’ reduce the amount to spend until it works

Step 9: Your zPIV Will Be Spent, and the Corresponding Amount of PIV Will Be Received
Step 10: Transaction Will Be Viewable in The Overview & Transaction Tabs

If you experience any issues with the above processes, please contact our support team in the #support channel on our Discord server.

Please be aware that an influx of users converting zPIV to PIV could cause some delay in transaction time.