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Jul 11, 2021v5.2.0 Network Upgrade Status Update

PIVX network upgrade (v5.2.0) has been successful and Cold Staking is enabled and fully functional again!

We are extremely happy to announce that the PIVX network upgrade (v5.2.0 hard fork) at block height 2927000 went very smoothly as expected!

This means that we have successfully plugged some critical vulnerabilities in our network, and Cold Staking has been reactivated!

Just in case, please ensure that your v5.2 wallet matches the block/hash of the block explorer to ensure your wallet has switched over correctly.

If you are NOT running v5.2.0 or higher, then please make sure to upgrade as soon as you can, as the older versions are no longer supported on the PIVX network.

Also, here are some of the exchanges and services that have confirmed the v5.2.0 upgrade to us as of July 12th 2021:

  • Kucoin
  • CoinEx
  • Bittrex
  • TradeOgre
  • Crex24
  • Coinomi
  • Bot

Note: Binance is aware of the upgrade, and will be performing it soon.

If your exchange is not listed above, please make sure that they have upgraded before making any large transfers, and/or test it with a very small amount first. If you find that they have not upgraded yet, please let us know via Email to [email protected] or via Discord to the @Support group and we will try to chase that up with them.

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Jay Kim

Advisor, Business