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Nov 2, 2020Remember, Remember the 5th of November - PIVX Will Be Unveiling Its New Website and Brand

Many of you who have been following PIVX know there is something exciting and new coming to PIVX. For those that don’t…. PIVX is expanding its website and brand, and we are aiming to unveil this on November 5th, 2020!

Nearly 5 years ago, PIVX began as a dream of a few folks in crypto who wanted to empower communities and people to be in full control of their rights, privacy, as well as have a voice through a blockchain governance model to direct the project’s development. Since then, PIVX has evolved into an incredibly powerful community-run DAO that is revolutionizing the crypto industry and pioneering proof-of-stake privacy. 

Over the past year, the core developers have achieved even more firsts, including delivering a massive refactoring of the core PIVX codebase while coding the first zk-SNARK Sapling integration into a proof of stake consensus algorithm, resulting in the first-ever successful PIVX shielded-to-shielded transaction (the first proof of stake shielded transaction) 2 days ago on closed testnet. These steps helped us make crucial progress in contributing to our overall vision and mission of building the most innovative, efficient, and effective border-less privacy blockchain for anyone, anywhere around the world.

Over 5 years, we have rapidly and steadily grown as a project, community, and brand, while we have remained solid in our conviction to always keep the voice of the community, which is at the heart of PIVX, central for our growth and evolution. 


Over time, the ethos of PIVX has brought together a passionate community that is constantly growing and contributing. From core developers to social media leads, business developers, and designers, everyone is part of this community.  The culmination of these contributions has all served as the driving force behind all of the incredible upcoming changes.

The process of researching, and building a new website and “face” for PIVX goes much deeper than just changing a logo or some code. It is a beautiful process of listening to the community, understanding the market trends while managing expectations of what the community, and anyone new to PIVX, see and feel when they first encounter PIVX. 

As a very first and crucial step of this process, before thinking of changes, we conducted comprehensive research that lasted two months.  The research involved an in-depth project marketing research and analysis, dynamic community research, as well as competitor analysis. We also invited anyone from the community to be part of this research process.  These individuals represented different types of members within the PIVX ecosystem, from whales, node runners, masternode holders, and developers. As a result of this process, we arrived at a clear picture for ourselves as a project, our brand personality, and what we could do to enhance our brand and website to reflect these ideals and goals.  Many of these community members stayed through the entire website rebuild and brand refresh process, helping in many ways from copy, UX/UI aesthetics, brand positioning, and more.

It may come as no surprise though: PIVX will remain as PIVX, as it has become a hallmark and strong brand in the ecosystem, a staple of proof of stake privacy. While there have been some slight modifications to the brand and logo, all indicators pointed to keeping PIVX as well, PIVX.  

Our new and improved website will allow both current and potential users to resonate with our brand and communications more easily, and provide simpler, easier access to the incredible abundance of information that makes PIVX what PIVX truly is: a project for the people, and by the people.


Bryan Doreian


Serial entrepreneur and blockchain advisor (circa 2012). Founder of Wysebridge, elev3n & Vendible. Currently splits his time building infrastructure for humanity while stewarding a tiny homestead with his family in eastern Pennsylvania.