Nov 23, 2018PIVX Updates and news – Sept/Oct/Nov

zDEX has entered open alpha as of Nov 1, 2018! If you’re interested in helping stress-test the service and get your bearings with it, stay tuned!


The open beta, which will shift to mainnet and real currencies will begin shortly after, and full release (all limitations removed) will kick in once devs are sure everything’s 100%. The press releases are out in the wild, and we have a feature page for the alliance project up on the PIVX website.

  • @furszy’s Zerocoin revision of the Android wallet is not far off. It’s been through quite a significant bit of testing. It’s simple, fast, and ground-breaking! It will be using a brand new in-house, light-wallet-specific Zerocoin protocol called Light Node Zerocoin Protocol developed by @furszy. You can see a quick demo of it working on mainnet on the Discord #lightwallet channel.

random.zebra has prepared an update for his SPMT. It adds a new, highly requested feature, as well as some tweaks and fine-tuning under the hood for improved operation.

See the announcement:

@Buer has finally managed to convince Apple to allow the long-ready PIVX iPhone wallet to be listed on the Apple store. Barring any extra runaround from Apple, more info on that listing will come soon, so for those of you eager to use PIVX on your iPhone, the wait is nearly over!

  • A new release of the core wallet is on the horizon. You can expect to find plenty of neat updates, including performance, UX/UI, and other improvements.

Bulletproofs and other exciting advancements are well underway (the first VERY far along). You may not be hearing much, but it’s full steam ahead—@jonathan.bootle, @Mary, @random.zebra, and @warrows are working hard to bring this to fruition.

  • As always, all PIVX developers are working hard on exciting new tech. We’ll hear more about it as the right time arrives.


The Seoul Korea Provenance blockchain event happened on the 20th of this month!

@Fuzzbawls and @furszy spoke, and @jakiman and @ziscad were there to represent PIVX and speak Korean with locals. Big thanks to @manhuichi for working with @Strontium and @Buer getting this off the ground, with @Rhubarbarian [CANADA] [CANADA], @Fuzzbawls, @furszy, @jakiman and @ziscad (with some input from @SnappySnap and @deejayem in there also) putting the whole things together. An extra special thanks to @Rhubarbarian [CANADA] and @jakiman for organizing and funding PIVX merchandise for the event!

Latin American efforts are full steam ahead, with LATAM PIVX Ambassadors @ONeZetty, @Cacalillos [Colombia], and @JaoquimF representing PIVX at several events recently such as Blockchain Summit LATAM 2018, Bogota meetup, and more. See here to read about some recent LATAM efforts to bring new blood into the PIVX family.

[Websummit] had @Buer, @Bouilla, @Steph, and @Cryptosi present to represent PIVX, and make some great contacts we hope to get some great things out of in the near future. We’ll keep you posted as these bear fruit.

  • The PIVX Cruise is not too far off now also! Winners have been announced and confirmed.


  • @jakiman, @SnappySnap, and @s3v3nh4cks  have organised the Observer arrangement you may have heard about. OBSR is a Korean weather technology project that utilises PIVX’s tech to reward its users with tokens for contributions. A webpage for our site is on the cards, but funding for such is lacking at the moment. Feel free to check out OBSR in the meantime, as their mainnet launched just recently.

@John M has been busy in negotiations for more exchanges (despite limited funding to get us on them, he does a great job with what he can). I’m sure you’ve noticed them as they’re announced! He’s also set up the arrangement to sponsor UFC fighter CrisCyborg in the lead-up to her championship bout at the end of the year. Keep an eye out for more coverage on our end soon!

  • @SnappySnap, @Cryptosi, and @Rhubarbarian have been working away at the business development through PIVX Alliances, building relationships with projects like NUMO and Vendible, both payment focused projects helping PIVX move towards use as a currency. Keep an eye out for more information on NUMO soon.
  • @Rhubarbarian [CANADA] and his team have been working on announcement graphics, event support designs and communications, refreshing the comparison charts, and supporting and managing our Ambassadors. They’ve also done a great job, working with @Strontium, to bring the zDEX page to life with some fresh new graphics. Efforts are also being made by the extended Barrie family on local adoption, with initiatives with local government and businesses moving ahead.

@Cryptosi has something coming up soon. You’ll hear about it in the very near future.

@Hanna and her team of translators continue to work with the community managers and our ambassadors on our social presence, analytics, and non-English web updates.They’re also working hard on getting the white paper translated into what we’ve deemed key languages, so keep your eyes peeled for those soon—the Russian and Chinese versions are all but done!


  • PIVX marketing, while currently very limited, is making the most of the situation, focusing on improving the PIVX image overall, with updates to the official website presentation far along now, and ANN graphics updates coming soon.
  • Work continues on PIVXplaces with help from @Jeffrey, with merchant appreciation ads underway.
  • PIVX Ambassadors continue to grow under @rhubarbarian’s leadership including a new website dedicated to their efforts coming soon
  • @SnappySnap and @ONeZetty have been keeping their PIVXpress videos coming, with Rhubarb media covering post-production and @Hanna and team adding subtitles.
  • @Strontium has been handling PIVX press releases and media relations as we’re currently without anyone or funding for this. Fortunately, the zDEX release was picked up by quite a few outlets and journalists, which is exciting to see.
  • @Rhubarbarian and his team have been hard at work supporting PIVX efforts in the public eye with creative, much of it from his own pocket.
  • @jakiman has been a star helping out on Twitter for us, while the guys on reddit have been busy keeping the PIVX sub going.
  • @Hanna has been very reliable providing the team with stats and analytics from the PIVX website, and pinpointing where traffic comes from—particularly which region.
  • Guest writer @CryptoCandor worked with PIVX press releases and community members to create a great informative video covering PIVX activities.
  • @Allard (aka Valdy) has been putting out his steemit posts.
  • Though taking some personal time, @FusedHelios has some DYK video work ongoing.
  • @Rhubarbarian and his team have been working on shoring up the comparison charts with @turtleflax and @Strontium as well as creating some more marketing materials for meetups and conferences.

A big thanks also to members of the PIVX community helping with support, welcoming new members, retweeting, writing and sharing articles, hunting bugs, and sharing other interesting efforts such as @Carl and his zPIV 3d-printed coins. We all appreciate your effort as we make the best of what’s been a hard 6-months or so. Stay positive, and stay purple!