The World’s First Private DEX to Make Use of Zerocoin

Anonymize your Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies with ZDEX's powerful Zerocoin-based zPIV routing.

zDEX supports PIVX, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, ZEC and PART presently, with more to come as time passes.

The zDEX application gives cryptocurrency investors and traders a means to transact cryptocurrencies privately and anonymously without a centralised middle-man. As the world’s first Zerocoin-based, private, decentralised exchange (DEX), zDEX runs on the masternode tier of the PIVX network, with zPIV-pairings protecting user transactions and identities as they trade.

zDEX is a Decentralised Exchange

As well as the protection Zerocoin provides on trades, zDEX is a decentralised exchange, which means users maintain control of their funds at all times. zDEX demands no KYC or AML documentation be submitted, does not log user information, and relays no information to any governing, regulatory, or financial body. Keep in mind that this leaves the user responsible for recording transactions for tax purposes.

Zerocoin Greatly Protects Individual Users

Being decentralised, zDEX is not prone to being hacked, and the use of Zerocoin greatly protects individual users from becoming targets themselves.

You Can Now Use zPIV, for Untraceable Transactions

If a user can trade in any of zDEX’s supported currencies, they can obtain PIVX—if you can obtain, for example, BTC you can now obtain zPIV, with no trace to you. This can then further serve the user by severing any link between them and another supported currency. No more worrying about malicious actors watching your addresses or tracing your trades.

Supporting Systems

Masternodes that choose to support zDEX are rewarded with a percentage of fees collected from zDEX trades on top of masternode rewards, ensuring sufficient masternode participation to keep zDEX up and running.

Trade fees are set at 0.25% split between the buying and selling parties, with fees going towards the zDEX team and PIVX’s zDEX-supporting masternodes for continued operation. All currencies are paired with PIVX to take advantage of its custom Zerocoin protocol.

Particularly in the case of zDEX-supporting masternodes, it’s strongly advised that the user is personally responsible for the operation of their masternode and connections, as control of these means access and control to funds acquired from zDEX. Control of your keys is control of your funds!

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