Dec 28, 2020PIVX SHIELD Test Wallet TR4 Version Released

Our developers have been hard at work, and our last test wallet candidate has been released in run up to our upcoming final 5.0 release!

Another week has passed since the release of TR3, and a number of last minute bugs have been squashed to bring this new TR4 release.

TR4 Update Highlights

- Double transaction record bug fix (during broadcasting a proposal).
- Coin control hidden lock icon bug fix.
- Send PIVs with wallet unlocked for staking only bug fix.
- Unconfirmed shielded balance counted twice bug fix.
- Masternode local port for tor routing fix.
- Always increasing staked utxo bug fix.
- Main readme updated to the current project status.
- RPC "shielded" commands renamed to "shield".
- Shield transactions fees decreased by 10x.

Please do try this new wallet out and report any findings to PIVX Discord's #pivx_testnet channel, or directly on PIVX GitHub. Thank you!

Download / Release Notes



1. You must run the wallet with -testnet parameter (or testnet=1 in pivx.conf) 
2. Two param files need to be copied onto the system as per release notes.
3. Testnet Explorer: https://blockbook-testnet.pivx.link/
4. Testnet Faucet: https://faucet.pivx.link/


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Jay Kim

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