Aug 11, 2020PIVX Privacy Update – Sapling Integration is Out!

A massive pull request got pushed out today by @furszy and it’s a very significant one at that as it finally reveals our privacy solution in the flesh!

That’s right. PIVX-blockchain specific (custom) Sapling integration code has just been published for public audit/review! The implementation has been tested running on regtest (private chain) with shielded zk-SNARKs transactions working already! (wow) It also includes a whole suite of unit & functional tests from the get go.

What does this actually mean?? It means that PIVX (an advanced blockchain development-focused project that we always were) is finally showing to the world that we have been developing the privacy solution that we said we would (back in Feb), and that our developers really have the chops to make it happen!

So be proud and be excited Pivians; we are now much closer to owning our own shielded PIVX using highly respected technology with proven cryptography. 5.0 is gonna be sweet!

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