Mar 6, 2018PIVX Officially Available on Wall of Coins!

PIVX has been officially listed as the third currency available for exchange on Wall of Coins!

Wall of Coins is known in the industry as a web-based platform that allows users to purchase and sell Bitcoin and Dash with paper cash deposits via a P2P system.

Now PIVX has been added to the platform!

“The best way to grow our ecosystem is by partnering with crypto that we believe in, so integrating with PIVX was the next logical step in our mission to simplify the cryptocurrency onboarding process.” – Ben Kiekel, business development lead for Wall of Coins.

Wall of Coins eliminates one of the biggest barriers to entry most newcomers to crypto face; the exchange process. Rather than a traditional exchange process, with multiple wallets, complicated security hoops to jump through, and several 34 digit wallet IDs; Wall of Coins offers an online peer-to-peer buying and selling platform that makes purchasing PIV a breeze.

(Insert PIVX in place of BTC)


Simply select the amount you wish to purchase or sell, select a deposit location from one of 170,000 destinations available throughout 22 countries globally, make the required deposit, and receive your PIV!

“PIVX’s determination to be a widely accepted currency for uses of all kinds, including merchants around the world, makes Wall of Coins a perfect tool in our already impressive arsenal of features.”- s3v3n h4cks, PIVX Co-Founder.

Wall of Coins, led by CEO Robert Genito, has been on a mission since 2014 to make buying crypto simple, eliminating the need for complex accounts and logins and offering a simple buying process that allows even those without a bank account to buy crypto. For more information follow them on Facebook and visit their website at wallofcoins.com.

If you want to sell BTC, DASH or PIVX, please sign up on the site to help build the userbase!