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Nov 16, 2020PIVX Development Update – Week 2, November 2020

This update covers the PIVX GitHub development from Week 2 of October 2020 through to Week 2 of November 2020 in addition to any extra announcements and/or news provided by the core development team.

Latest Developments

Introducing SHIELD

PIVX has announced its branding for the upcoming User Data Protection (aka privacy) protocol called SHIELD. 

“SHIELD stands for just that: A SHIELD. When using PIVX’s anonymity feature, users can rest confidently that PIVX, whose logo and brand is a shield in and unto itself, is in fact being that SHIELD for them in the world, protecting their rights, preserving their privacy.”

More info on SHIELD:

Development progress of SHIELD v1

We’ve hit a major milestone in the past weeks with the main Sapling protocol (PR 1798) being reviewed, tested, and merged into master! This means that the main part of the protocol integration is now complete. Recently, @justmoonwalker has provided an actual shielded transaction CLI screenshot made using this integration on regtest and it worked perfectly. That’s right, it’s no longer some hopeful feature but is already part of PIVX code and is ready to be released!

Another great news is that the Pull Request #1963 for the Sapling GUI has been opened and it is already possible to send and receive shielded transactions on regtest directly through the new GUI! Final touches are currently being made, and soon the Sapling GUI will be ready to merge to master! 

Fully Anonymous Staking is in the works! (SHIELD v2)

Now this was a big surprise. Core developer random.zebra has recently revealed some new upcoming features for both 5.0 and beyond!

A recent PR 1970 with a self-explanatory name of “Delegate from shielded addresses” has just been opened. A community member mentioned this on the PIVX discord and the original dev himself explained what it is and how it benefits the user.

RZ then let out a huge tidbit of information on what was secretly in the works! 

So it’ll come out as part of the next major release after 5.0, but PIVX will still most likely be the first to have this capability on mainnet with zk-SNARKs once it is released. That’s right, fully SHIELD’ed staking is coming!

Recent Development Highlights & Reminders


If you are currently running 4.1.0 or older, you must upgrade to 4.1.1 or higher NOW (4.3.0 is latest) and then make sure that you are on the right chain by comparing your latest block / hash to the block explorers since 4.1.0 or older wallet is no longer valid on the current network. If you need further assistance on this matter, please join our discord! (You can go straight to 4.3 from 4.1.1 or 4.2.x as well if you wish).

zPIV support is going away! SPEND YOUR zPIV NOW or LOSE IT!


PublicCoinSpend v4 (PR #936) function has been incorporated into the 4.x wallet since January 2020. So it is now possible for anyone with any version of zPIV to spend them back as PIV. However, the support for zPIV will cease once 5.0 is released due to the deprecation of the Zerocoin protocol, and it is being replaced by SHIELD.

So we urge everyone with zPIV to convert them back to PIV ASAP and request assistance in PIVX Discord's public #support channel if you run into any issues or simply have questions.

Complete GitHub Activity

(October 12, 2020 – November 14, 2020)

Excluding merges, 5 authors have pushed 321 commits to master and 321 commits to all branches. On master, 208 files have changed and there have been 14,291 additions and 6,740 deletions.

 52 Pull requests merged

 18 Pull requests opened

 4 Issues closed

 3 Issues opened

Major Development Targets

(subject to change and is never a complete list)

Q4 2020 - PIVX Core Wallet 5.0 testnet release
Q4 2020 - PIVX Core Wallet 5.0 mainnet release
Q1 2021 - SHIELD Activation on mainnet
Q2 2021 - SHIELD v2 with Private Staking
Please also check our roadmap page for more info on what else is planned.

Want to contribute?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to our code on GitHub, and they will all go through the same process of multi-dev peer review and will be if it gets enough ACKs! Oh, and if it does get merged, you may also receive a contribution bonus depending on its contribution level!

Language Translation Needed

We also welcome all translators who can assist in making our wallets multi-lingual! PIVX core wallets will include support for languages that are at least 80% translated on Transifex.


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