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Dec 9, 2019PIVX Development Update – Week 1, December 2019

This update covers the PIVX GitHub development for the past 1 month following the November 2019 update. But may also cover some extra developments that happened beyond due to the time of this post.

Editor Comments

What can I say. It has been another super productive month for PIVX with some big milestones finally hit. Segregated testnet phase ended with success and 4.0 has been rolled out onto the main public testnet network. Fork happened without issues last week and now we are officially in the main testnet phase before the final mainnet build is released. We could have an awesome end of year present from our development team soon. 

News Highlights

Public Testnet with all major 4.0 changes now live! Final release imminent!

We are happy to announce that the 4.0 testnet wallet (rc2) is available for download, and that we have gone through a successful hard fork of the main public testnet network at block 1347000 (circa November 30th) that included all the proposed 4.0 changes such as:

All users are highly encouraged to test out the new testnet wallet release (rc2) and also get familiar with its new GUI as well as cold staking functionality before its release.

More information on the testnet release including download links can be found at:

Plan is to squash any last-minute bugs found during this testnet phase, then release the final 4.0 core wallet for the mainnet before the end of the year. Not long to go now!

Complete GitHub Activity

(October 4, 2019 – November 4, 2019)

Excluding merges, 10 authors have pushed 194 commits to master and 237 commits to all branches. On master, 165 files have changed and there have been 8,031 additions and 6,501 deletions!

1 Release published

55 Pull requests merged by 7 people

7 Pull requests proposed by 5 people

22 Issues closed by 5 people

18 Issues created

Major Development Targets

Q4 2019 – v4.0 Major Core Wallet Release

(Targets are subject to change)

Want to contribute?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to our code, as they will all go through the same process of developer peer review and will be merged if it gets enough ACKs!