Jun 6, 2020PIVX 4.1.1 Core Wallet Release Report

We are happy to report that the new protocol enforcement has taken place at Friday, June 5, 2020 9:00:00 PM GMT without any issues.

All exchanges and services running the PIVX core wallet has been notified and most major services have confirmed the update.

Here is the timeline of events that outline why the v4.1.1 wallet was released:

Saturday 30th May 2020 4:00 AM GMT
  • The network experienced stability issues, leading to have some peers forking.
Saturday 30th May 2020 6:00 AM GMT
  • Software logs review and network analysis started.
Saturday 30th May 2020 9:30 AM GMT
  • Review findings, problem detection and possible mitigation chat started.
Saturday 30th May 2020 1:00 PM GMT

– The cause was detected and initial solution coded. A bug introduced in 4.1, most specifically in #1490, the removal of line 228 from the masternode.cpp file.

  • What the change introduced:

A misalignment over the second layer network. Precisely on the masternodes winners list.

Active peers running 4.1 were not able to verify and update the masternode status after the invalidation of the collateral UTXO. And as the tier two masternode data is ephemeral and downloaded + validated on every startup, 4.0 and new peers entering on the network continued validating the state properly.

  • What this caused:

A different masternode winner selection algorithm outcome in some peers of the network. Originating the network instability (the masternode reward is the last output of the coin stake transaction, part of the network consensus rules).

Saturday 30th May 2020 5:00 PM GMT
  • After more hours of network analysis and monitoring, a segregated testnet was created to properly validate the correct functioning and network behaviour of the coded solution.
Saturday 30th May 2020 10:00 PM GMT
  • Testing process ended with a satisfactory outcome and the release process started.
Saturday 30th May 2020 12:00 PM GMT
Friday 5th June 2020 09:00 PM GMT
  • Protocol bump enforcement activated. Network is no longer susceptible to the issue.

Final thoughts:

The core development team acted as fast as possible to mitigate any further complication and released a hotfix (v4.1.1) in a really short period.

Next step, keep moving forward with 4.2 and furthermore, the 5.0 privacy big comeback!