Nov 19, 2018New version of the Secure PIVX Masternode Tool (SPMT) has been released!

This update adds the ability for users to connect to remote servers, which has been highly requested since the SPMT first released. It also includes some under-the-hood optimization for better data management and performance.

What is the Secure PIVX Masternode Tool?

The SPMT is an application created by PIVX core developer random.zebra to allow masternode owners to manage their masternode through the application while storing their collateral on a Ledger Nano hardware wallet. While their collateral is safe on a hardware wallet, the user can perform tasks usually handled by a control wallet, such as voting, with peace of mind. The SPMT even allows multiple votes to be cast spaced out over time to protect the user from time-based analysis attacks.

Where can I learn more?

Up-to-date documentation on the SPMT can be found on GitHub HERE. This information is updated with major releases, so will always be current.

How can I download the SPMT application?

The latest version can always be found HERE.  As always, since your money is involved, please be sure to only download the application binaries from the official PIVX source, and verify the signatures provided  – a guide on this can be found HERE.