Sep 29, 2018NEW! PIVX Reddit TipBot

With more than 1.6 Billion monthly views and the largest crypto-specific communities (or subreddits) in the world.

Reddit is one of the most influential forums to make announcements, share thoughts and engage with peers in crypto today. These tipbots encourage people within the community forums and chats, help distribute PIV, and as well as, at times, becomes the first and easiest way to get PIV in your pocket!

How to use it

The PIVX Reddit Tip Bot allows Reddit.com users to perform basic PIVX transactions between fellow Redditors.

The bot interfaces with you via /u/pivxtipbot which will respond to the following commands via DM:

!deposit – this command generates a one-time deposit address for your account. This address will therefore only be associated with your account for one transaction. You must generate a new deposit address every time you wish to reload your account. Every time you generate a new deposit address all previous addresses are invalidated,

!withdraw [the amount of piv] [your PIVX address] – this command withdraws your PIVX to any PIVX address. The minimum amount of PIVX to withdraw is 0.1 PIV.

!balance – this command displays your account’s balance in PIVX.

!history – this command lists all the tips you’ve ever either received or sent.

!transactions – this command displays the list of all the deposits and withdrawals of your Reddit TipBot account.

The bot operates on a 3 decimal place limit.

To transfer funds or “tip” a user within Reddit you must reply /u/pivxtipbot tip [the amount of piv] to a thread or comment of the desired recipient in any subreddit where bot activity is allowed. The minimum tip amount is 0.001 PIVX. If you execute a tip with more than 3 decimal places the amount will be rounded down to the closest thousandth. For example, if you tip someone 10.593856 the bot will transfer 10.593 from your account to the receiver.

Maintaining the bot and its codebase online and free of bugs costs time and money. The bot is designed to minimize transaction fees but the PIVX network will also sometimes want its share. In order to keep the PIVX Reddit Tipbot service operational, it will regularly scrape all users’ balances such to round them down to the nearest 0.001. For example, if you receive a transaction of 10.85283 PIVX, your available balance will be of 10.852 PIVX with 0.00083 gone to cover eventual outbound transaction fees and fund further development. This is the ONLY fee the bot will ever charge.

This bot operates across the whole of Reddit. You may tip users in any subreddit in accordance to that sub’s rules.

Github Link for all the details

A special thanks to DaJuukes for his continued support and great contribution toward crafting the official PIVX Reddit Tip Bot

Say, thanks…