Dec 13, 2017Local Merchant Shares His Story

I first heard about Crypto currencies and their investment potential, whilst visiting a friend earlier this year.

I was highly skeptical at first, not wanting to jump right in without first doing my research.

It took me some time before I was comfortable enough to put my first deposit directly into Bitcoin.

It was exciting to see my money gain a little interest, but then also disappointing to see how much it would actually need to grow before I would be able to see a viable return; the investment platform I had chosen, charged quite a premium to move the funds around.

I ended up disinvesting my Bitcoin with a small profit, and declaring I would never touch it again.

I thought my Crypto currency days were over.

Then a friend named Jeffrey introduced me to Pivx, involving less middleman interference and more simplicity, the bonus that I would now be able to accept it as a payment option for my business.

It would open me up to a whole new generation of customers, while still receiving the full retail value, with the added benefit of potential for a return on my investment.

The transactions I have found to be fast and efficient; it’s as easy as someone taking a photo of your phone’s screen.

I am able to backup my Pivx account, and only I can ever access it. (Password required.)

There are no monthly admin fees like in traditional banking, and the fees to send money are nominal.

The market capital of Pivx, at the time of this writing, at $282,099,099 speaks for itself; many people see potential in the platform.

Unlike Bitcoin, there won’t only ever be 21 million coins; rather new coins are generated based on how much is staked. (A predetermined amount of funds set aside, at the discretion of the individual.)

There’s no hold on the capital, and you can pull out whenever you want to, but by leaving it in, we can contribute to the vast pool of likeminded individuals, and we have a sustained currency form that keeps on growing, far exceeding that of Bitcoin.

As we look to the future, where Crypto becomes a more widely accepted form of tender, I would rather stick with what I know and trust, and Pivx would be my number one choice.

Pivx it seems is here to stay.