Feb 27, 2018Did someone say Bulletproofs?

Prominent cryptographer Jonathan Bootle has joined the PIVX development team

Known for being one of the key cryptographers who developed and wrote the whitepaper on Bulletproofs, Bootle’s work will be focused on integrating breakthrough Bulletproofs into PIVX’s custom Zerocoin protocol.

In short – what does this mean for PIVX?

  1. PIVX’s Zerocoin proofs, or transaction size, will become a fraction of their current size.
  2. PIVX will be able to achieve a trustless Zerocoin setup.

The addition of Bootle to our development team is incredible for the entire distributed ledger technology (blockchain) sector.

PIVX has already pioneered privacy in Proof of Stake (PoS), and the continued development of efficiency, security, decentralization, and ease of use. Bootle’s work with bulletproofs will mean that individual’s privacy within cryptocurrency will be greatly enhanced. (something more natural)

“This is the first time I’ve been directly involved in the practical application of the Bulletproofs theory on any project, I am also delighted to work with Mary Maller, PIVX’s first cryptographer, who was one of my collaborators from the UCL Infosec group.” – Jonathan Bootle

The short proofs from Stanford University define bulletproofs as, “short non-interactive zero-knowledge proofs that require no trusted setup […] Bulletproofs are designed to enable efficient confidential transactions in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Every confidential transaction contains a cryptographic proof that the transaction is valid. Bulletproofs shrink the size of the cryptographic proof from over 10kB to less than 1kB.”

Bootle is a PhD candidate in the area of cryptography, working on efficient zero-knowledge proofs with the goal of developing, more specifically, zero-knowledge membership proofs.

We are constantly innovating with our technology, and having Jonathan as part of our development team, absolutely demonstrates both our commitment to continued innovation, and the desire of leading experts to become part of the PIVX Community!

Welcome to the team, Jonathan!