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XT.COM is a comprehensive trading platform that supports 800+ high-quality tokens and 1000+ trading pairs.


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Dex-Trade is a digital asset exchange that enables buying, exchanging, and storing cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.


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Many exchanges claim to be decentralized, while Block DX is the only exchange that decentralizes every component without hiding any details.


White-label gateway, allowing to exchange over 200 coins with multiple payment solutions.


SimpleSwap provides two exchange types: floating and fixed rate. Customers don't have to sign up or store funds.


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Houdini Swap

HoudiniSwap makes it easy to swap transactions between wallets without a trace.

Exchange Assets

The Exchange Assets platform is a hybrid system that combines the cryptocurrency exchange, bux, POS Pool and many others.


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LetsExchange is a one-stop multicurrency exchange service free of registration, limits, and complications.


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Trade with ultra low fees at XeggeX 558 Assets / 1021 Markets (it's pronounced 'Zeg-Ex')

As a service that respects privacy and operates without registration or limits, enables users to exchange cryptocurrencies with ease.


Swap between BTC, ETH, XMR, USDT AND 500+ other cryptocurrencies. Best rates, absolutely safe and lighting fast swap.

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