Experience the difference with PIVX.

Store of Value with Rewards

PIVX rewards users who hold PIV in their wallets for keeping their wallets online and updated. The more PIV you have, the more rewards you earn. The official PIVX wallet is like having your own personal bank with a rewards system based on the amount of PIV you have.

Dedicated Developers

PIVX's main development team is composed of three experienced blockchain developers, with a combined total of more than 14 years of active blockchain development. Each of them has been working on PIVX for three years. Community developers regularly provide extra support.

Sustainable Economics

PIVX is designed to balance inflation and deflation in the long term, maximizing the network's value and security while supporting a decentralized and scalable node infrastructure.

Your Privacy. Your Choice.

Your balance is available for private or transparent transactions at any time. You can keep your identity, addresses, and balances secure when needed or desired.

Fast & Low-Cost Transactions

Send and receive funds with PIVX in less than a second for a fraction of a PIV.

Secure Cold Staking

Keep your PIV secure in cold storage while a hot wallet handles staking, earning you rewards.

Masternodes & Rewards

Earn rewards by securing the network and providing second-layer services while keeping your collateral safe offline.

Growth Potential

With a market differential of about $1 Billion relative to its competitors, PIVX has tremendous scope and opportunity for growth.

Built-in Community Governance

The PIVX governance model includes a blockchain based system utilizing masternodes allowing for community proposals to be funded based on voting consensus.

Infinite Funding Runway

PIVX's built-in governance provides for budget dispersals every 30 days, ensuring that there are PIV available for the continued development and marketing.

Advanced Wallets

From PIVX's completely unique Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the core wallet, to mobile wallets and more, PIVX provides you with the tools, resources, and tech to be in control of your PIV at all times.

International Community

PIVX was the first blockchain project to translate its website and materials into over 30+ native languages, proudly supporting communities throughout the world.

A Track Record of Innovation

PIVX continues to lead and pioneer Proof of Stake privacy. We have delivered world-class coding standards and protocols for the larger blockchain industry. As a result, PIVX has accomplished many blockchain firsts.

Self Funded/No ICO

Launched in 2016 with no pre-mine and no ICO, PIVX is one of the few truly fair-launched coins available today.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you are a developer, merchant, end-user or just curious, we welcome you to join the PIVX community.

Need more help?

You can learn more in the PIVX Knowledgebase or post your questions in the PIVX Forum or Discord.