Join the PIVX Community

At PIVX, we recognize that the community is vital to our governance and we prioritize its development as the foundation of our organization.

Join PIVX on Discord

If you have any questions for the PIVX members or developers we've made it easy for you to get in touch with them. Feel free to join any of the channels.

Community Guidelines

We don't have community rules, we have guidelines. Anyone can join. Anyone can participate. We voted on these guidelines to guide project advancement.

PIVX Is A Community For Everyone

Everyone is welcome. We believe in privacy, but we also believe in freedom of speech. The community is a place for everyone to be expressive, but we ask that you show consideration to other members of the community.

We Value Contribution

PIVX is a community project that moves forward with the help of everyone involved. We value contributions in the form of innovative proposals, development, and community administration. We work together to make PIVX the best it can be.

We Are A Democracy

We vote on every aspect of the project, including budget proposals, masternodes for future development, and community voting on brand and communication in Discord. The community is encouraged to vote on the direction of the project.