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Final license and terms of the use of the PIVX logo and word-mark are under discussion at this time. Please contact us on Slack if you have questions.

Terms of Use:

PIVX is intended only for legal purposes. It should not be used in any other way. No one in the PIVX community, or any of it is founders, developers or contributors, support using PIVX in any illegal activities. The use of PIVX is not illegal in most jurisdictions. However, some jurisdictions may impose limitations on the use of crypto currencies and/or privacy protection tools, so users in those jurisdictions should consider this before using PIVX. If in doubt, please contact a local attorney to avoid doing anything that could be considered illegal in your jurisdiction. The content of this website, or any communication from anyone in the PIVX community, its founders, developers or contributors, does not constitute legal or investment advice. You should exercise due diligence and use your own judgement based on research from multiple information sources before using PIVX.


Any data collected from users on this site, is used in aggregate only, or to support marketing efforts in the most efficient way possible. For example, to determine which pages are viewed the most etc. or which users are interested in PIVX when advertising. We do not use data to track data of specific individuals. The exception to this is when we are investigating attempts to breach security measures.


While we certainly do make every effort to keep this site accurate and updated, and your private information private, we simply can not be held liable for changes, mistakes, typos, or things that are out of our control. For example, the inherently insecure nature of communications via email, or the Internet in general. Please use multiple sources before making informed decisions, and ask for and individuals ProtonMail.com address, or PGP fingerprint and ID, to communicate securely.