Nov 15, 2017zPIV is coming back on line – Autominting Announcement

Some time after block 908000 ( Approx Nov 17, at 1:15PM EST ) at a point agreed upon by the PIVX development team, zPIV will be reactivated.

Make BACKUPS of your wallet.dat files
All wallets must be updated to 3.0.5

zPIV was deactivated because of a critical exploit that was found in libzerocoin, a 3rd party library used by all coins that have zerocoins.
PIVX and several other coins were impacted by this exploit.

Handling the libzerocoin exploit required the PIVX team to immediately release a patched wallet to as many users as possible which rejected bad spends and also disabled all zPIV transactions in general. The process of releasing a patched wallet in such a small time frame is frustrating and difficult for all members of the PIVX team and especially users of PIVX. The PIVX developers have added a new spork which allows for zPIV transacting to be turned on/off without having to release a patched wallet.

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER – When zPIV is enabled, autominting will also be enabled.

With this minting process one may see their balance change in their wallet.
This is normal…wait until the process is complete….do not close or turn off your computer.

Be aware….There is a fee for minting zPIV 0.01 piv per minted denomination.

If you would like to disable automatic conversion of 10% of your PIV balance to zPIV, then you will need to add enablezeromint=0 to your pivx.conf file. For information about where to find your pivx.conf you can visit this link from PIVX Support.

NOTE: Minting zPiv helps keep the zerocoin protocol anonymous, the more minting and spending that occurs on the network, the stronger the anonymity will be.

Important links to review

Official Release Notes for 3.0.5 – https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/releases
If you have any issues please open a support ticket at https://pivx.freshdesk.com/support/home
or visit us on Discord https://discordapp.com/invite/jzqVsJd