Dec 24, 2017Twas the night before PIVXmas

Twas the night before PIVXmas...

By Sean Tomlinson
Aka tommo56dark

Twas the night before PIVXmas
And all through Discord,
Not a trader was stirring
Just Masternodes and stakers counting rewards

Our wallets all staking
On the desktops with care,
In hopes that St. PIVX
Soon would be there

@Mistersx12 was nestled
All snug in his bed,
While visions of purple
Rained down on his head

@Rhubarbarian at work
Late into the night,
New graphic designs
So vibrant and bright

@Jeffrey and the team
Spreading PIVXmas cheer,
South African retailers
Accept PIVX this year!

@Snappysnap on camera
And @spock coding in C,
Both dreaming of zPIV
Top notch privacy!

When out on the markets
There arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my bed
To see what was the matter

I loaded up windows
I flew like a flash,
To open up Bittrex
$PIVX has overtaken $DASH!

To the moon on the charts
The whales were not slow,
To invest in the best
Forget Monero

When what to my wandering eyes
Should appear,
But a miniature sleigh
And eight purple reindeer

What a strong ol’ coin
So private and quick,
I knew in a moment
It must be St. PIVX

A truely global initiative
He’ll visit you all if he can,
From Canun to Australia
And Yuri in Japan!

As rapid as a Panther
The transactions came
As he whistled,And shouted
And called himself By his name:

“I’m Private
I’m Instant
I’m Verified
I’m the most community-driven coin,
zPIV causing such a reaction!”

To the top of the charts-
To be held, In our hearts,
“Now away Dash
away Monero
away Zcash
away all!”

He was dressed all in purple
From his head to his feet,
Mobile wallets in each pocket
From the famous Furzy

With fees all burned
There’s no long-term inflation,
All HODLers were celebrating
Such brilliant innovation

His purple ninja elves
Worked away in #support
“We’re happy to help!” –
They are pleased to report

A wallet of zPIV
He had set by his side,
His elastic block sizes
Could be smaller or wide

With a wink of his eye
Candles turned green as can be,
“New zerocoin protocol’s here
Privacy to the highest degree!”

He didn’t take long
He went straight to work,
Filling all of the wallets
Then he turned with a smirk

And laying a finger
Alongside his nose
Giving a nod,
Up the blockchain he rose

He sprang To his sleigh
To his team, gave a whistle,
And away they all flew
Delivering PIV by the fistful

But I heard him exclaim
As he drove out of sight,
Merry PIVXmas to all
And to all a goodnight!