Jul 25, 2019Secure PIVX Masternode Tool (SPMT) v0.5.0 released. Now with Trezor support!

SPMT: Secure Pivx Masternode Tool is a software to securely manage multiple PIVX masternodes while keeping the collateral safely stored on hardware wallets.

Developed and managed by PIVX core developer random.zebra, this new v0.5.0 release now adds the much awaited Trezor Model T and Model One support to the original Ledger Nano S hardware wallet support.

Now Supported wallets:

More information and instructions can be found on GitHub and can be downloaded from HERE

v0.5.0 Change List

– Controls for multipole HW wallet types
– Support for TREZOR model T
– multiple API sources (blockbook / cryptoid)
– logging module
– Support for TREZOR model One (added PinMatrix dialog)
– Basic TravisCI Support (thanks @Fuzzbawls)

– Decode Tx internally
– Fixed bug when including collateral
– Fixed bug with RPC reconnection
– Reload rewards tab after successful sweepAll
– Updated docs
– Updated Spec file: better lookup for paths and removed unneeded libs
– Fix visual bug with amounts in confirmation dialog