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Jun 21, 2021PIVX to Soon Release v5.2 Mandatory Core Wallet Update

New v5.2 core desktop wallet will be released as early as this week (6/27) which will allow Cold Staking to be re-activated on the network!

We are excited to announce the imminent release schedule of v5.2 core desktop wallet, that will implement the necessary network hardening measures, and allow the re-activation of the Cold Staking feature!

As this will be a mandatory update, there will be a network enforcement (hard fork) approximately 12 days after the 5.2 wallet release. So we urge everyone to be prepared and upgrade all PIVX core desktop wallets and nodes once the final version is released later this week.

5.2 Rollout Schedule

1. v5.2 Release Candidate release on 6/23
2. Public testnet enforcement on 6/23
3. Final GA release of v5.2 wallet by 6/27
4. Mainnet network enforcement on 7/7 (TBD)

Additional roll out update will be posted for each event as they occur.
Please check back here and/or PIVX Twitter for latest updates.