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May 30, 2022PIVX has New Core Team Members


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Private Cryptocurrency PIVX has New Core Team Members

PIVX, launched six years ago, makes changes in its push for liberty and efficiency through cryptocurrency.

May 29, 2022 – The PIVX community, having committed time recently to form a clear picture of its purpose and direction, announced today the formation of a new core team.

Software developers are an important part of the core team, and PIVX has enjoyed outstanding programming talent over its six-year life. The community is grateful for all who have participated. Until recently, PIVX had three core developers. However, with sound technology in place, a change was recently made to support a single core developer.

This continuing core developer, who goes by the handle Fuzzbawls, is the new development leader. Fuzzbawls has been with the PIVX project for years, and knows it well.

Under Fuzzbawls’ leadership, other community members are learning and mastering the PIVX source code. PIVX is a code fork of Dash, which was built on the Bitcoin source code, and this connection this gives history, reference, and learning material to new PIVX developers that augments the teaching provided by Fuzzbawls.

Other team members have also changed, in the areas of project management, business development, and marketing. The new team is diverse with rich experience and exciting new ideas. One prominent team member, who goes by the handle Sparrow, is the new Project Management Specialist. “Sparrow, with confidence from his business experience, is moving the project forward quickly,” said Eric Stanek. “He brings out the best in other community members.”

Other new team members can be seen on the PIVX website at

These personnel changes will advance PIVX’s mission. The source code defines how PIVX functions, but the community defines what PIVX is, and these new team members will each impact how PIVX is viewed and used in a different way.

“I love the new team,” said Leacymck. “They are welcoming, knowledgeable,
communicative, and creative.”

Uniting the team is the mission. The PIVX mission statement is the following:

To become a leading cryptocurrency that empowers, protects, and delights those it touches.

As PIVX races to find its destiny and fulfil this mission, it will make the next six years as adventurous as the last. All are invited to join the PIVX community and contribute to its exciting and important purpose.

About PIVX

PIVX is an open-source and decentralized peer-to-peer currency featuring advanced user data protection features, community governance mechanisms, Proof of Stake consensus, and multi-purpose Masternodes.



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