May 22, 2019New testnet-only binaries are now available for v3.3.0

The second phase of our pre-3.3.0 testnet testing is upon us!

New testnet-only binaries are now available at

Please take note that these binaries ONLY work for testnet, and are not intended to replace any current mainnet release version of the wallet. (So please download/extract/install them to a separate location if running multiple PIVX wallets on the same system)

The current plan for the PIVX testnet is as follows:
  • Short “Mandatory” update deadline, which is to be enforced at May 22, 12 Noon (GMT). At this time, the ONLY clients allowed on testnet will be the testnet-only binaries linked above
  • SPORK_16 is being activated to reproduce the current conditions on mainnet. This will effectively disable any and all zPIV operations during the update.
  • Shortly after the aforementioned mandatory update time, SPORK_16 will be de-activated. zPIV spending will resume at block 1106100* (or when SPORK_16 is deactivated…whichever happens last).
  • Block 1106100 is estimated to be reached close to this coming weekend

After all of the above conditions are met, testers will be allowed to spend their (previously “locked”) testnet zPIV. The minting of new zPIV, and zPIV staking will not be allowed; the sole intention with this phase is to test the spending of pre-existing v2 zPIV.

Also note: Anyone currently running any testnet masternodes will need to update to using the above linked binaries if they wish to continue running said masternodes. MNs will need to be restarted from the controller wallet after both MN and controller are updated.



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