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Mar 13, 2024February Core Development Update

During February, the PIVX development team accomplished several important updates and enhancements to the platform. Here are the key highlights:

[GUI] Remove unused addressbookpage references (PR #2893) 
Description: Eliminated unnecessary references to the address book page in the graphical user interface (GUI), streamlining the codebase and improving efficiency.

[Core][GUI][RPC] Exchange Address (PR #2895) 
Description: Implemented improvements to the exchange address functionality across the core, GUI, and RPC components, enhancing the overall user experience when dealing with exchange addresses.

[Build] Further security and symbol checking updates (PR #2896) 
Description: Strengthened the security of the build process by introducing additional checks and symbol validation, ensuring a more secure and reliable build for the PIVX project.

Restore Mainnet 'EXM' Prefix (PR #2905) 
Description: Fixed an issue where the Mainnet prefix for exchange addresses was not displaying correctly as 'EXM.' This pull request successfully restored the correct prefix, ensuring accurate representation of exchange addresses on the PIVX Mainnet.

Fix optional memo not being checked (PR #2906) 
Description: Addressed a bug related to optional memos in transactions, ensuring that the system correctly validates their presence. This fix improved the accuracy and reliability of transaction processing.

[Core] Fix Exchange address activation (PR #2908)
Description: Enhanced the activation process for exchange addresses in the core of the PIVX project, resulting in a smoother and more efficient activation experience. Additionally, this update expanded the functionality of exchange addresses.

The PIVX development team remains committed to delivering continuous improvements and updates to enhance the performance, security, and usability of the PIVX platform.


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