Oct 4, 2017Did you know: PIVX is committed to true privacy?

“Private” features.  Indeed, sure – it was faster (and more obscure) to send funds via bitcoin back in the day, but even then, Bitcoin has NEVER said they are private or anonymous.

Of recent, a handful of endeavors in the blockchain realms have popped up pushing their “Privacy” marketing.  We hope to in the coming days/weeks be able to provide an unbiased/clear/concise review of the current marketplace to provide a clearer picture of the “privacy coin” landscape.  Until that time, we are thrilled to announce that PIVX will be the first Proof of Stake coin to have the Zerocoin Protocol publically available for transactions within PIVX.  These perfectly anonymous transactions will also still maintain the speed and security already inherent to PIVX.

So in short:

  1. PIVX is introduced ZeroCoin for the first time into a POS coin on October 16th, 2017.
  2. PIVX is Automating TOR integration
  3. PIVX already has obfuscation enabled
  4. PIVX already has IPv4 and IPv6 (I2P is in development)
  5. Encrypted chat (in-wallet) is underway for private communications.PIVX is the most anonymous POS coin available on the market as well as one of the fastest.