Oct 4, 2018Announcing PIVXworld.com

Since PIVX is a DAO (Decentralized, Autonomous Organization) there are many different efforts in various areas, managed by many individuals in the large PIVX Community.

This is a huge strength for PIVX because people manifest their knowledge and passion for PIVX the best way they know how – resulting in a host of websites and efforts, all related to PIVX and complimenting each other.

A problem with this though is that there is no one place for people to go to, in order to find anything and everything related to PIVX in one glance. PIVXworld.com aims to solve this problem, by providing searchable image ‘blocks’ linked to these respective websites and sub-links, all organized in categories making it easy for anyone to find anything.  Any individual can submit a new item to list and it will be reviewed manually before adding.  Or join the Discord to discuss an edit to an existing item. We expect that over time, the initial data set of items will grow dramatically.

Please review www.PIVXworld.com now – feedback is welcome!