zPoS – Zerocoin Meets Proof of Stake

In October 2017 we introduced our custom Zerocoin protocol, zPIV.  By providing superior privacy, and making users balances and transactions completely untraceable, we achieved true anonymity for the first time in a proof of stake coin. 

For more technical information about zPIV, check out the whitepaper here.

Currently, users who choose to remain anonymous and have their investment stored as zPIV are opting out of staking rewards in order to remain private. We didn’t think that was right. With zPoS (zPIV Proof of Stake) you will be able to maintain your anonymity while earning staking rewards, simultaneously.  


Staking with zPIV has three key benefits for all users who choose to utilize zPoS:

  1. A higher block reward compared to staking PIV.
    2. Allows you and your coins to remain private while staking.
    3. Helps with constant generation of new mints in the zPIV pool (accumulator) greatly increasing its liquidity for future zPIV spends, as well as obscurity.

    The Problem
    Imagine if everyone could see how much money you have in your savings account? This is the reality when staking a cryptocurrency.Right now, a stakers coin balance is visible to the public while staking. This means that people can crawl through the block explorer and see which addresses are staking coins, the balance, and even locate source addresses.

The Solution
With zPoS, this will no longer be the case. It’s essentially “Stealth Staking” for our users. While staking zPIV, no one will be able to see how many coins you (an address) are staking.

zPoS provides an extra layer of privacy where you can earn rewards, and secure the network, privately. These rewards can then be held to continue staking or spent privately without anyone knowing which address it was sent by. This is an amazing (and necessary) level of privacy users can soon have and it’s a feature that NO other PoS coins have right now.

How Does It Work?

Users will be able to stake zPIV just like normal PIV, but also earn higher rewards while maximizing privacy and ease of use. With the new block reward system, zPIV staking block reward will be 50% larger than PIV staking rewards.

PIVX, with the use of its Zerocoin protocol, already achieves an anonymity set (accumulators) that are orders of magnitudes larger than most other privacy coins in the market. However, with the introduction of zPoS, PIVX will now be able to constantly feed the accumulators with newly minted Zerocoins (zPIV) ensuring actively changing anonymity sets thus making tracing of transactions through ‘timing’ to be near impossible.

Each time a zPIV is staked, it will generate 4 new zPIV denominations including the original staked zPIV denomination amount plus 3 x 1 zPIV denominations that make up the 3 zPIV block reward. This means that there is the potential for the accumulators to have newly minted zPIV denominations every 60 seconds, without a user manually minting zPIV.

This active Zerocoin mint generation is part of what makes zPoS so special.

New Staking Rewards

Using our governance system PIVX voters decided to restructure the block reward. Through this vote, additional funding will also be accessible for the monthly budget and proposal system.

To encourage active use of the new zPoS system, stakers that utilize zPIV will be rewarded with a 50% higher share of the block reward. The block reward will be split as follows:

PIV Staking:
PIV staker finds block: 3 PIV to masternodes, 2 PIV to staker, 1 PIV budget

zPIV Staking (zPoS)
zPIV staker finds block: 2 PIV to masternodes, 3 zPIV to staker, 1 PIV budget


zPoS is now Live on Core Wallet v3.1.1.

Learn More About Core Update v3.1.0.2 Here.

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