There is a LOT going on inside of and external to PIVX.  Sometimes, so much so, people have a hard time really grasping how much work is being done, and/or has been done already.  What started as a simple community member request for an overview highlighting the various aspects/projects/endeavors of PIVX turned into a full-blown infographic that took many of us by surprise (even those who are daily living and breathing PIVX).  There is a LOT…and I mean, a LOT of work that has been done.  There is a LOT, and I mean, a LOT more not even listed on this chart.

So, to those folks who ask “what is PIVX doing…” well, you can hand them this 🙂

Keep it purple people.  And…a big, big shout-out to all those PIVIANS who continue to work in breathtaking ways to advance the coin, the tech, and the community.

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