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Feb 26, 2021PIVX Weekly Market Update (February 19th, 2021 - February 25th, 2021)

PIVX had an exceptionally robust week this past week. Numerous articles in bitcoin.com, btcmanager, and bitcoinist, combined with video reviews of the project, all resulted in exponential growth for PIVX across the board. Reddit and Twitter engagements also exploded with an increase in engagement and mentions of PIVX. As a result, the average weekly volume surged, with a 202% increase over the prior week, which had already experienced a 153% increase in volume compared to the week before. The average weekly price also pushed higher, rising 69% over last week. The average weekly marketcap also pushed higher, up 57.6% compared to last week. The daily USD value expanded as a result of this, with a $0.81 spread over the week.

The Daily Volume for PIVX ranged between $3.66M and $38.6M, with an Average Daily Volume of $15.1M.  The total volume over this same 7 day period was $106M (Figure 1).

The Daily Total Marketcap for PIVX ranged between $59.1M and $99.1M, for with an Average Marketcap of $78.5M(Figure 1).

The Daily USD Value for PIVX ranged between $0.89 and $1.71 with an Average USD price for the week of $1.26 (Figure 1).

The top three exchanges regarding trade volumes were:

  1. Binance (PIX/BTC)
  2. Bithumb (PIVX/KRW)
  3. Binance (PIVX/ETH)


Bryan Doreian


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