Jun 3, 2018PIVX Monthly Recap: May 2018

It’s difficult to keep up with the many moving parts of a decentralized autonomous organization, especially one with global reach such as PIVX.

This May was a particularly busy month for PIVX, with news ranging from industry-first technical achievements to various exchange listing announcements.

Technical Achievements

PIVX Core Wallet Update v3.1.0.2 is the star of the month, and the year… so far! While it is clear that this update ushered in a new era of private proof of stake, it also brought the crypto community a variety of enhancements ranging from simple to fundamental.

Notable PIVX Core Wallet v3.1.0.2 changes include:

  • zPIV Staking (zPoS)
  • Deterministic zPIV Seed Keys
  • Updated zPIV Minting
  • zPIV Search
  • Wallet GUI Overhaul
  • Return change to sender when minting zPIV
  • Disable Automint Feature / Set Amount
  • External Storage Backup

These are only some of the wallet enhancements, see full release notes on GitHub:

#PIVX Launches World’s First Private Staking System zPOS BY: Alexander Lielacher #Monero #PoS #Privacy_Coin #Proof_Of_Stake #Wallets #Zcash #Zerocoin_Protocol

— BTCMANAGER (@btc_manager) May 11, 2018

In the midst of various enhancements and industry-firsts, PIVX produced more than a dozen videos in May, each translated into many languages. The commitment to creating educational content for PIVX pros and neophytes reflects PIVX’s continued effort to educate the cryptocurrency community at large.

PIVX DYK Announcement Videos

PIVX Class Instructional Videos

Exchange Listings

PIVX announced three exchange listings in May, each with a unique value proposition and audience base.

#ChainEX is excited to reveal that PIVX is now available on our platform. PIVX wallets are live and trading starts tomorrow. Get your wallet ready at #bitcoin #btc #cryptocurrency #pivx

— ChainEX (@ChainEXIO) May 22, 2018

#PIVX – private instant verified transactions: perfect as can be!
We are happy to announce adding $PIVX on for fast and secure purchases.@_pivx @Godex_io #Godex

— GODEX (@Godex_io) May 24, 2018

The best #Privacy coin meets the best Privacy Market, You can now buy and sell #PIVX at the current market price on @openbazaar #Privacy #Decentralized #Blockchain #Marketplace

Learn more at

— PIVX [NO FREE ETH] (@_pivx) May 19, 2018

Service Listings

One particularly notable service listing this month enhanced the PIVX position on Bitscoin, a Korean digital asset exchange.

$PIVX has been added to Korea’s first masternode hosting & sharing service. #masternode #pivx #upbit

— jakiman (@jakimanboy) May 23, 2018

Industry Events

In addition to many regional meet-ups, PIVX participated in Consensus 2018 and the Chainges Conference 2018 in May.

I was lucky to get a behind the scenes look at cutting edge #Pivx code! – – #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency

— Allard van Erven (@avanerven) May 17, 2018

Merchant Announcements

PIVX continued to add new merchants to its roster in May and enhanced the PIVX Places location directory.

Lighthouse fish and chips in East London, South Africa now accepts $PIVX

Our adoption rate continues to grow as merchants and investors realize the potential of the superior privacy Proof of Stake #cryptocurrency PIVX.#southafrica #blockchain #merchants

— Jeff (@satoshinakajeff) May 13, 2018

Community-Created Content

Several pieces of PIVX community created content made waves this month, including an objective privacy coin matrix, an educational WhyPIVX? website, and an introduction to PIVX infographic.

The Privacy Coin Matrix: A Comprehensive Spreadsheet of Anonymous Digital Assets #Bitcoin

— Bitcoin News (@BTCTN) May 21, 2018

New $PIVX website created by @GabrielNergaard & explaination of its philosophy behind it. A must visit for all new & existing #PIVX users & investors.$PIVX #altcoins #privacycoin #zerocoin #blockchain

— jakiman (@jakimanboy) May 16, 2018

Brand new $PIVX Infographic Now Available!

Huge thanks to @turtleflax and all of the other PIVians who donated their time and knowledge to coordinate this amazing piece of content!

Full Infographic Available Here ->

— PIVX [NO FREE ETH] (@_pivx) May 9, 2018

It was an eventful month for PIVX, let’s see what June 2018 has in store!