Aug 28, 2017PIVX Market TA: 08.28.2017

PIVX opened quietly on Monday with buyers slow to take advantage of the pullback following last week’s jump.

The Ask could have been stronger which suggests buyers were not convinced a price increase will hold but neither was the Bid side ready to bail and push the price lower. A late day rally closed the Bid/Ask gap and pushed the price over 73K. Early morning buyers will have profited before it closed down at 68K.

Traders should be aware that a fairly large gap opened between the Bittrex and Cryptopia Sell/Buy prices. As Cryptopia has a very small percentage of the PIVX volume there were few traders watching and able to react quickly to the rapid price increase we saw this afternoon on Bittrex. Early on the lag was several thousand Sat. CAT level traders may want to watch for this tradable event.

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