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Dec 1, 2023PIVX Development Update

Advancements and Enhancements The PIVX and PIVXLabs development team has been making significant strides in advancing the project, bringing forth exciting improvements and features to enrich the PIVX ecosystem.

Here's a concise update on the latest developments:

Network Model Update:
The network model has undergone a substantial update, resulting in a more seamless wallet experience. After importing a wallet, all transactions are now fetched from the explorer, ensuring comprehensive transaction data. Notably, synchronization times for larger wallets have been significantly reduced, offering faster and more efficient syncing, with test results demonstrating a remarkable decrease from 20 minutes to just 2 minutes. Furthermore, this update addresses and resolves the Cold Staking opcode bug, enhancing the stability and reliability of the platform.

Complete Dashboard Makeover to Vue:
The dashboard tab receives a complete revamp, leveraging the power of Vue for an enhanced user interface. By separating the user interface from the underlying logic written in JavaScript, the revamped 'dashboard' component brings improved functionality and a more intuitive design. This separation also allows for extensive unit testing, ensuring a robust and bug-free experience.

Enhanced Base58Check Validation:
Comprehensive address validation is now in place, bolstering the security of the MPW (Mobile PIVX Wallet). With full-fledged Base58Check validation, the wallet rejects any addresses with typos or alterations, providing an added layer of protection. The validation process extends to Cold Addresses, ensuring secure and error-free transactions.

Log Out and Encryption Feature:
User privacy and security receive a boost with the introduction of a convenient logout button. With a simple click, users can now exit the wallet securely, removing their account details from the database. Additionally, the update encourages users to encrypt their wallets during creation or non-view import, safeguarding their funds and mitigating risks during the initial synchronization process.

Coin Lock System:
Protecting masternode collateral is made easier with the new 'Coin Lock' system. Upon wallet import, MPW locks the masternode collateral and only unlocks it when the collateral enters the spent multimap. Users can conveniently monitor their balance through the Breakdown Chart, ensuring the smooth operation of their masternodes.

Improved Recognition of Immature Transactions:
MPW now boasts enhanced intelligence by recognizing immature transactions and excluding them until they become spendable. This feature streamlines transaction management and prevents users from mistakenly attempting to spend unconfirmed funds.

And last but not least, My PIVX Wallet v1.4.0 Upgrade: 
This update includes a local full-sync feature for your wallet's blockchain history, enhanced i18n region auto-detection, the option to delete your wallet, and multiple bug fixes throughout the app.


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