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Oct 19, 2023PIVX and The Ultimate Collaboration for Cryptocurrency Travel.

In a groundbreaking development,, the leading online travel agency, has successfully integrated PIVX into its payment system. This integration marks a significant milestone in the adoption of cryptocurrencies for travel bookings, offering travelers a smooth and secure payment option like never before. Let’s explore the details of this recent integration and how it is revolutionizing the way we book our travel experiences.

Enhanced Payment Options:
With the integration of PIVX into’s payment system, travelers now have an enhanced range of payment options. PIVX has joined the list of accepted cryptocurrencies, allowing users to conveniently use their PIVX holdings to book accommodations, flights, tours, and activities through This integration expands the flexibility and choice available to travelers who prefer to leverage their PIVX holdings for their travel expenses.

Streamlined Booking Process:
Booking travel experiences with PIVX on is now a smooth and straightforward process. During the booking process, travelers can effortlessly select PIVX as their preferred payment method. By following a few simple steps, including completing the transaction using either their PIVX desktop wallet or mypivxwallet, travelers can swiftly confirm their reservations. The integration ensures a smooth and hassle-free booking experience, empowering travelers to focus on planning their dream adventures.

Embracing Financial Freedom:’s integration of PIVX aligns with the broader mission of cryptocurrencies — to empower individuals with financial freedom. By accepting PIVX, provides an avenue for travelers to break free from traditional banking systems and embrace the advantages of a decentralized currency. This integration represents an important step towards mainstream adoption, as it allows individuals to exercise greater control over their financial transactions while enjoying the convenience of booking their travel experiences.

Unlocking Exclusive Benefits:
Travelers paying with PIVX can unlock exclusive benefits and rewards. Through’s Smart Program, PIVX users can gain access, should they choose to, to various incentives, including savings on travel bookings, loyalty rewards, and discounts on AVA payments. These exclusive benefits enhance the overall travel experience for PIVX users, offering them additional value and savings as they embark on their adventures. Up to 10% Cashback.

The successful integration of PIVX into’s payment system represents a significant milestone in the travel industry’s adoption of cryptocurrencies. Travelers can now enjoy the convenience, security, and financial freedom that PIVX brings to the booking process. As the partnership between and PIVX strengthens, we can expect to see an increased number of crypto-powered travel experiences, further solidifying the position of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream travel industry. So, pack your bags, book your next adventure with PIVX on, and embrace the new era of crypto travel.

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