Avoiding Scams

Staying informed with simple, yet essential, practices of security, may help you avoid becoming a victim of a scammer.

As is becoming ever more common in the digital age, scams and scammers have found their way into the blockchain and crypto realms.

The below are some, but not a comprehensive list of, the ways in which scammers may try to attack you, and ways to avoid becoming a victim of a scam:


  • Do NOT download pdfs or other files from unknown parties.
  • Do NOT download pdfs or other files from someone directly in a Direct Message, even if their discord name "matches" a team member's name. Verify, validate, and ensure in public that you KNOW who you are communicating with.
  • Do NOT accept support in DM from someone who reaches to you first offering support. Always engage in support via forums, or, if necessary, you initiating the conversation in a direct message.
  • Do NOT trust "wallet update" direct messages
  • Do NOT, under ANY CONDITION, ever dump your privkey and share with a 3rd party.


  • Only download wallets from the official PIVX GitHub repository.
  • Always check to ensure that the wallet is official and is signed.
  • Do NOT trust "announcements" from bots in Private Messages for new wallet version outside of the public official PIVX communication channels.

Additionally, you can learn PIVX best practices organized by our community.

If you are in doubt about the solution of any issue related to PIVX, do not risk! Ask our active community on Discord #support channel.