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PIVXYour Rights. Your Privacy. Your Choice.

Unlock the Power of Digital Cash, with Optional Privacy & Complete Control of Your Funds.

SHIELD Protocol

Optional Privacy with our SHIELD Protocol

PIVX is a privacy-focused, Proof of Stake blockchain. Enjoy the freedom of optional privacy while sending and receiving funds.

Fast and Secure with Instant Transactions

PIVX transactions are lightning fast. It uses a second-layer protocol to improve decentralization and network security.

Secure the Network and Earn Rewards

Earn rewards securely with SHIELD, our unique protocol designed to provide enhanced security and privacy.

PIVX Home Slider Base

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Advanced Wallet & Tools

PIVX provides you with cutting-edge tools and resources for complete control of your funds.

Continuous Development

With some of the brightest minds in the industry, PIVX consistently delivers groundbreaking innovations.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you are a developer, merchant, end-user or just curious, we welcome you to join the PIVX community.