PIVX Statistics

Blockchain and economic statistics, captured 24 seconds ago.


Price per PIV


Market cap


24h Trading volume



Market cap rank


CoinGecko rank


₿ 0.000041372.66 PIV

Average daily rewards


Estimated annual rewards


Masternodes online


Total supply locked in masternodes

NOTE: The "Total" figure in the chart includes masternodes in the PRE_ENABLED or EXPIRED state.


NOTE: The globe is an experimental feature.
It only shows IPv4 PIVX nodes and masternodes that run on public addresses and are not behind a NAT.
Bar heights represent the amount of nodes in one location.
The data is updated hourly.

  • Circulating supply 67,129,805 PIV
  • Current block 3,030,948
  • Next superblock 3,067,200
    36,252 blocks remaining
  • Average transactions per block
    Based on last 75 blocks
    2.09 TPB
  • Average transaction fee
    Based on last 40 blocks
    0.0003 PIV
  • Blockchain size
    Checked hourly
    ~17.85 GB
    18,270 MB