Oct 17, 2017UPDATE on zPIV release (10/17/2017 12PM EST)

Last night PIVX became one of the most private cryptocurrencies around with the launch of zPIV.

However, pushing the boundaries of tech can sometimes come with unknowns and unforeseen events as some of you have most likely discovered.

To help you rest a little easier in the meantime let us fill you in on what has happened:

First things first, all of your coins are safe.

Here’s what happened: The automint function was intended to create 10% zPIV value from your wallet – however, some users were seeing as much to a 40% automint process. The PIVX core developers located the problem almost as soon as it was reported and are working on an updated wallet to patch the issue.

No coins are lost.

If you are seeing (or not) a smaller count than you should have in your wallet head over to the privacy tab and you will find the lost amount allocated here as “unconfirmed.” They will be available to you as soon as the developers release an updated wallet version.

This is software development, and we appreciate your patience in the matter! Keep in mind, we aren’t changing the brakes of a car where there is a set process, delivery time and cost. We are changing the crypto game and doing something that has never been done before (and some experts said could never be done.) Our Developers have proven it is indeed possible by creating the first zerocoin protocol, proof of stake, coin.

Hang in there, we will have your zPIV back to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please backup your wallet.dat via the File –> Backup wallet menu selection (or use the command: “backupwallet backupname.dat” if you are a geek that lives in the terminal like us) and feel free to catch up on all things zPIV here:

Most importantly; keep it purple people!