Feb 12, 2018#ILovePIVX Valentines Day Contest

Love is in the air! Valentines Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate it and show our love for our PIVX community, than by making a Sweet Heart of a Valentines Day Contest! Here is your chance to truly shine and use your imagination, not to mention sharing your love of PIVX.

Here are the 3 steps:

Step 1: Do ANY or ALL of the following 3 tasks:

Take a photo of yourself and/or others showing love for PIVX! OR Write and post a ‘Love letter to PIVX’! OR

Let us know how you use your UPF (Universal Purple Flow) out in the world!

Here are some ideas:

– Take a photo of you wearing PIVX clothing.
– Take a photo of a homemade Valentine card you made for PIVX.
– Take a photo of you and your love dining out and using PIV or even staying home and celebrating in purple.
– Write a poem or Haiku about your love for PIVX.
– Write a love letter to PIVX.
– Write a short blog about a recent friend you made because of your shared love for PIVX.
– Ask your true love to marry you on our Discord!

Use your amazing imagination!!! There are so many ways to show your love that we can’t possibly name them all! Surprise us!

Step 2: Share this with us and the PIVX community:

Find our ‘PIVX Valentines Day Contest’ post on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest pages and ‘Like’ it.

Upload the photo or what you wrote and post it directly under the ‘PIVX Valentines Day Contest’ promotion, mentioned above. PLEASE make sure you use the hashtag ‘#ILovePIVX’ with your entry. You must be a follower of PIVX on the social media accounts mentioned.

Step 3: Promote your post and vote!

10 winners will be chosen with 10 amazing prizes of PIV. Winners will be chosen by the highest amount of votes accumulated for each entry. These votes will be done by the PIVX community in Discord, using a poll. Yes, you can vote for yourself so make sure to join us on Discord!

You have until the end of Valentines Day to get your entry in! Multiple entries per Pivian are allowed, but only one with the highest number of votes will be eligible for a PIVprize. On the 15th we will gather all entries and start the poll in Discord. On the 16th we will announce all 10 winners!

Special message for all of our PIVXfans on Fancorps: Keep an eye out for a new task in order to earn extra credits!

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