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Jan 31, 2024Happy 8th Birthday, PIVX!

It’s time to celebrate another incredible year of achievements and growth. Over the past year, PIVX has reached new heights, expanding its use cases, increasing rewards, gaining listings on various exchanges, and engaging with its vibrant community. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this remarkable year for PIVX.

Rewards Increase:
The most significant highlight was the rewards increase. With the mandatory PIVX v5.5.0 update in January 2023, payments to the treasury, staking rewards, and Masternode rewards all received a significant boost. Treasury payments surged by an order of magnitude to 10 PIV per block, staking payments doubled to 4 PIV per block, and Masternode payments also doubled to 6 PIV per block. These increases have incentivized more participation and further strengthened the PIVX network!

Use Case Expansion:
PIVX expanded its use cases throughout the year. PIVCards, Coinsbee, and Travala.com embraced $PIVX as a payment option. Users can now purchase gift cards from all over the world with PIV on mypivxwallet.org, PIVCards, Shopping.io as well as Coinsbee offers a platform where $PIVX can be used to purchase various gift cards.

Listing Growth:
PIVX experienced significant listing growth, providing more opportunities for PIVX enthusiasts. New listings included Whitebit, Changeangel, Houdini Swap, Cointopay, Swapuz, Easybit, CoinEx, Dex-Trade, Securus Wallet, Biconomy, Coinstore, NonKYC, ChangeNOW widget added to PIVX.org, TradeOgre, P2P payments on Binance, LBank, Arctic Wallet, FinchPay, and Xt.com.

Enhanced Trading Options:
PIVX gained enhanced trading options with various exchanges. In addition to the PIVX/USDT Binance trading pair, some other exchanges introduced BTC as well as USDT options, allowing for more convenient and accessible trading options for the PIVX community.

Community Engagement:
PIVX actively engaged with its community through various activities. These included YouTube shorts, AMAs (Ask Me Anything), the SuperBlock Report (PIVXLabs), PIVXcommunity contests, and the Privacy Roundtable, a collaborative group consisting of PIVX, BasicSwapDEX, Particl, and Firo. The Privacy Roundtable, hosts monthly Twitter spaces where trending privacy topics are discussed and other privacy projects are introduced. These initiatives are fostering a more vibrant and engaged community.

As we celebrate PIVX’s 8th birthday, we can proudly reflect on these achievements over the past year. The rewards increase, expanded use cases, listing growth, enhanced trading options, and community engagement have all contributed to the growth and success of PIVX.

On this special day, let us say that growth is not a destination, but an ongoing journey. As we celebrate PIVX’s achievements, we recognize that it is through the relentless pursuit of knowledge, the embrace of new opportunities, and the adaptability to changing circumstances that PIVX continues to evolve and expand. Let us come together as a community committed to learning and adapting, keeping PIVX at the forefront of innovation and progress in the pursuit of privacy and financial sovereignty

Happy 8th birthday, PIVX! Here’s to many more!


Marketing Team, Content Strategist