PIVX Takes Privacy to Whole New Level

PIVX is the world’s most private proof-of-stake cryptocurrency using an advanced zero-knowledge proof privacy technology for utmost transaction anonymity and backed by a solid team of developers and cryptographers. Most other competing privacy coins still rely on outdated and arguably wasteful proof-of-work mining. Here at PIVX, we wanted to do something innovative, so we brought this innovative technology to life.

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Private Identity

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can create a new PIVX wallet on their computer or mobile device with no ties to any personal ID records about you or anyone you transact with. PIVX wallet will never ask for your personal information.

Private Network

Want to help keep the PIVX network secure, and earn rewards in the process, but don’t want to divulge any personal information in order to do so? Perfect! You can participate in staking without needing to reveal anything about who you are, or where you are in the world! Participating in the network is as easy as downloading a wallet and acquiring some PIV. Are you truly privacy-obsessed? You can even run the PIVX wallet over the TOR network for both staking and masternodes.

Private Send and Spend

In October of 2017, we rolled out one of the most advanced and innovative system for maintaining absolute privacy and anonymity on a blockchain network. By using zPIV, anyone on the PIVX network can maintain total privacy of their balance and transactions. If someone attempts to look up the origin of the received funds through the block explorer, they will find it’s not possible.

Private Rewards

With the introduction of zPoS (Zerocoin Proof of Stake) in May 2018, users are now able to stake zPIV and receive rewards in zPIV for truly private staking. This is a industry first for any proof-of-stake cryptocurrency. What this means is that no one else can know how many coins you are staking and how many rewards you are receiving except yourself. Now that’s privacy.

Private Exchange

zDEX, a dedicated decentralized exchange that utilizes zPIV will be coming soon. zDEX will operate on our decentralized masternode network and enables users to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin with zPIV to gain increased privacy and anonymity. This is a third party application, separate from PIVX Official Development. 

PIVX Isn’t JUST the Most Private Coin Available…