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My name is Luke Fullbrook and I’m and strength and conditioning coach and semi-professional strongman.  I’m a dad of three beautiful children and turned 40 in November. One of the bonuses of turning 40 means that I am now able to compete in the Master’s division of strongman.  However, don’t let the age and title fool you this is an incredibly competitive and tough arena as the people coming into this category now have been world champions numerous times, hold world records and show no sign of letting up just yet.  Strength is something that comes with age, time and consistency and cannot be rushed.

I have always gone to the gym and taken pride in my appearance but ever since I was a child watching WSM on the television at Christmas I have wanted to be as strong as I possibly can and push my mental and physical abilities to their maximum.  We are given this machine and I truly believe that it is a waste to not see how far you can push it and what it is truly capable of.

I have competed for 10 years in strongman and have had a mixed bag with results and performances.  I have been very unlucky with injuries, detaching both biceps at separate times, ripping my abductor longus from the bone squatting 320kg for reps, various hamstring, and quad tears.  All of which take time to recover from. Each time I have come back physically stronger; however, it did take a toll on my confidence and mental strength. This has now been sorted through hypnotherapy and various modes of counseling and I am feeling the mentally strongest I have done for over 10 years.  I am in a brilliant place mentally and physically, and ready to take the 2019 season by the horns and achieve what I, and others, know I am more than capable of.

Past competitions I have done well in are:

Europes log and deadlift championship which I cam 2nd in and earned a spot at Britains Strongest Man (A qualifier for the WSM), unfortunately, I tore a ligament in my lumbar and did not perform as well as I should have.  However, even in that state I still managed to come 7th out of 13 competitors.

Qualified every year for 5 years for Englands strongest man and eventually made it through to the UK’s Strongest Man and cam 7th out of 30 people that year.

My first competition in over 12 months is this weekend at Londons Strongest Man and I am feeling very confident about the events and if I can perform my best on each event can see the outcome being a very positive one.  After this, it will then be the road to the WSM Masters competition which will start with the England qualifier in April.

As I mentioned before I am a strength and conditioning coach and one of my clients, James Fern, mentioned that PIVX was looking for athletes to sponsor and wanted to put my name forward.  I was very humbled and grateful that James went out of his way to put my name forward and talk to the relevant people involved. A proposal was submitted and accepted, all amazing. It all seems to be falling into place at last and the dream that I have been working towards for the last ten years is, again, becoming more and more attainable.

Sponsorships are extremely important to any sport but strongman is an expensive one.  Food bill alone each month is knocking on the door of £800; Physio £200, then there is supplementation, clothing, gym membership various other methods of rehabilitation and rehabilitation.  There’s also the traveling costs and hotel costs when competing away from home. So PIVX has and are making things that little bit easier and taking away some of the financial burdens; one less thing to worry about.

I have been offered lots of sponsorships from various companies but I don’t take them all on.  I only want to work with companies that believe in me and I believe in them or their products. I was sponsored by Jaguar Landrover for 12 months, Phil Richards Performance Supplement Company, Strength Asylum Gym.  All of these companies are at the forefront of what they do and their chosen field. This is why I wanted to work with PIVX, a fresh, new and young company that is working in a new industry and looking at achieving great things.  One of the main attractions though is that they care and want to help, not just a faceless corporation with nothing but an interest in the bottom line. They want to help me as much as I want to help them. It genuinely feels like a family and I am truly grateful that I have been accepted into the family and can work with them.

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