PIVX Sponsorships

Sponsorships are a way for PIVX to connect the complex technology behind crypto to everyday life. Tapping into the loyal fan base of our influencers, it lowers the barriers to entry and makes cryptocurrency more approachable and realistic.

The goal is not to sponsor the biggest and the best, but those in our community, with a good story and can show how this support helps them, their team,

the sport and their community.

Our desire is to see the funds reach every level if possible. It’s about lifting them up, telling their story, helping their sport, team and their local communities.

Everyone sponsors – but why and how PIVX does it will set us apart. In a word, Stories.

Whether they win or lose we will help share their stories and inspire people and along the way spread the vision of PIVX!

Surfing - Tarnea O'Meara

Polish Soccer Team

Netherlands Feild Hockey Team

Cris Cyborg

PIVX PANTHERS - Barrie Robotics Club

If you are interested in being sponsored drop us a line.

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