Come one, come all to our very first PIVX Roundtable Livestream with new Global Ambassadors Kelsey Cole “PIVX Pixie” and Angelo Dodaro.

This Thursday, February 14th Angelo and Kelsey will be introducing this new video series with a special focus on the most important foundational element of PIVX…community. The aptly timed Valentine’s Day episode will examine how love built the most caring community in crypto featuring experts from the PIVX core team and beyond.

This livestream will cover the following topics:

  • How this heart-centred cryptocurrency has drawn in a global network of Pivians
  • Why PIVX originally forked off DASH as DarkNet, why that didn’t attract the a larger community & how love changed it all
  • How do you make people fall in love with a cryptocurrency? 
  • How an economy of love makes PIVX more valuable
  • How the community can support network growth through participation, encouragement and spreading the love
  • and so much more…

Join us LIVE to participate in the conversation or share some lovin’ with us BEFORE the livestream with this quick survey…


Thursday’s livestream will air @ 3pm EST / 12pm PST / 8pm GMT on the PIVX Youtube Channel


Questions, comments or ideas?

We would love to read them! Submit your suggestions here for the next livestream on Thursday, February 28th and we’ll use your content to fill the agenda!

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