What is a PIVXSports Team Member

A PIVXSports Sponsoree is an athlete or team who agree to represent PIVX as they strive in their area of Sport and life.

Requirements to become a PIVXSports Team Member:

  • Complete an intake form and interview
  • Basic Knowledge of PIVX
  • Willing to represent PIVX publically
  • Respect PIVX and PIVX members
  • Be Active in Discord or other communication portals.
  • Work with our local AMbassadors in your region
  • Attend events or Meetups in your region if possible


  • Engage with your PIVX Ambassador if there is one in your area
  • Wear the PIVX brand during all sports events and for media interviews
  • 2-3 social media posts a week using PIVX tags and links
  • Setup the 1x a month Video Chat (livestream)?
  • Work with Main PIVX marketing for cross-promotion, big events, etc

Tools to work with:

PIVXSports Application

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